Friday, December 16, 2016

A Great School Visit

Recently, I spent a fantastic day with the third graders at Marguerite Small School in West Yarmouth, MA. Why was it so great? Because of the hard work of this woman—school librarian Kim Keith—and her colleagues, especially Shannon Carlson, who took most of the pictures below.

The students read several of my books in advance and did activities to reinforce the information and ideas. Here are a couple of examples:
On the day of my visit, the students were ready for some fun. They got firsthand experience comparing their jumping ability to that of a frog.
They learned that, based on their height, if they could jump like a frog, they’d be able to leap over TWO school buses! And then they discussed how a frog’s locomotion helped it survive in the world.
I wish I had a photo of 70 third graders sticking out their tongues. That was their introduction to the idea that if they had a tongue like a frog, they could use it to wash out their bellybuttons. Pretty handy, right?

Then we transitioned into how a book is made. I showed them a rough draft, and we compared it to the text in the printed book.
I showed them a couple of illustrator Higgins Bond’s rough sketches and we had a great conversation about some of the changes she made and why they were important. After all, in a nonfiction book, everything in the words AND the pictures has to be accurate.
Oh yes, there was one more thing. Mrs. Zabielski’s class helped me with a super secret project. Here’s a sneak peek:
Curious? Too bad. You’ll have to wait a few months to find out more.

Happy Friday!

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