Friday, October 28, 2016

School Visit Success

There are so many reasons I love my job. I love researching. I love writing. And this week, especially, I love school visits.

On Thursday and Friday, I was honored to learn and share with the fantastic grade 3-5 students at Thompson School in Arlington, MA. We compared our writing processes and discussed the challenges we faced as writers. We practiced my four-step revision process. And we talked about why, oh why, it took 10 long years for me to write No Monkeys, No Chocolate—and what inspired me not to give up. 

My favorite moment was when this fifth grader showed me a visual model she had created to summarize the information and ideas in No Monkeys, No Chocolate.

It's so amazing that I know you'll want to see it up close:

Wow, I'm so impressed. Thank you, Thompson School. You made me week totally fantastico!

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