Friday, May 13, 2016

Text Features: Making Progress

If you read the post I wrote last Friday, you saw the great text feature work K students are doing at Memorial School in Medfield, MA. Feel free to scroll back now and take a quick look. I’ve included one sample here just for fun.

A few days after visiting Memorial School, I headed out to Kennedy School in Billerica, MA. Once again, I was blown away by how much fun the students were having with nonfiction writing.

For one fourth grade project, students read my book Dolphins and used the book’s text features as inspiration for creating their own text features with information about an animal of their choice.
What a great idea!

What I especially like is comparing these meaty, sophisticated fourth-grade student samples to the text features created by the K students.
Look how much children can develop as readers and writers and thinkers in just a few years!

Seeing students working hard and having fun under the guidance of skilled and caring teachers is one of the things I love most about visiting schools.

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