Friday, October 9, 2015

Clever Creations

Recently, I worked with second graders at McCarthy-Towne School in Acton, MA, on a visual literacy lesson that involved them re-creating artwork for three of my books. Their goal was to make the words and the pictures match even better than the illustrations that appeared in the printed book.

They did an amazing job. Here are two examples of what they came up with for a page in A Place for Turtles:

Text: Because plastic shopping bags look like jellyfish, sea turtles sometimes eat them by mistake. The plastic can clog the turtle's stomach, causing it to starve to death.
This student thought the art should show the sea turtle in the process of eating the plastic bag (from BJs).
This student decided to show the turtle's stomach clogged with a shopping bag (from TJ Maxx).
Aren't these terrific? Those students were really thinking.

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  1. Yes, terrific... and brilliant! What a treat this must have been for both the students and you.