Friday, May 23, 2014

Friday Fun: Teachers and Librarians Are Soooo Clever!

We all know how overburdened teachers and school librarians (teacher-librarians) are these days, and yet, they somehow manage to find the time to share my books in ways that really make a difference. I’m constantly amazed. Here are two great examples:

Harriet LaPointe, teacher-librarian extraordinaire of Colt Andrews School in Bristol, RI, created this awesome poster to publicize my school visit with her students. Wow!
Sue Heitner, a fabulous first-grade teacher in Austin, TX, worked with her students to create this lovely problem/solution chart for A Place for Bats while doing a unit on bats. I was so excited to talk to the students via Skype and answer all their questions about bats and the process of writing A Place for Bats.
The team at King Open School in Cambridge, MA, must have spent hours putting together this bulletin board right outside the library.

I really appreciate all the time and energy that went into prepping kids for my visits. It makes a huge difference when the kids are familiar with my work before I walk through the door!

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  1. Great examples of ways we can get kids excited about books. I especially like the top poster - but maybe that's because of coffin flies and ants.