Monday, December 5, 2011

Cool Clouds: More Warm, Fair Days

I can’t remember a year when it’s been so consistently warm this late in the year. Most days still boast temperatures in the high 40s or 50s. The gorgeous cumulus clouds outside my window today are harbingers of more warm, fair days.

I’d like to say winter in New England just doesn’t get better than this. But the scientist in me is getting worried. Cold temperatures kill deer ticks and other creepy crawlies that cause a lot of trouble.

And that’s not all. Hardy New England trees can endure unseasonably warm winters from time to time, but not if warm winters become the norm. They need cold days to bud and leafout properly in spring.

Overtime, warm winters will kill the trees—not to mention all the creatures that depend on them. And since I’m one of those people who likes to breathe about 20 times a minute, I’m pretty fond of all the oxygen the trees around me provide.

Besides, if we don't get snow on our rooftops by December 25, Santa won't be able to land his sleigh.

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