Monday, September 12, 2011

Cool Clouds: Getting Started

Two years ago, this Monday strand of my blog spent a year following the maple tree right outside the window of my office. It was a big success because I learned all kinds of cool things about Norway maples in general and my tree and its inhabitants in particular.

Last year, I decided to call the stand Take a Look. My plan was to look at cool stuff in nature all year long and write about it in different voices. It was, er, moderately successful. I started out strong, but I kept getting pulled in different directions.

We did take a look at all kinds of things, but they didn’t all have to do with the natural world. I decided that this year I need to be more focused with the title of the strand. Maybe that way I’ll stick to my goals.

Recently, I wrote a book on lightning. And I’m in the middle of working on a book full of fun weather jokes. So for the last year or so I’ve done lots of research about clouds. I’ve always thought clouds were beautiful, magical even, but now that I’ve been learning so much about them, I’m even more enchanted. So this year, my Monday strand will be Cool Clouds.

Here’s my plan. Each week I’ll take a photo of the clouds right outside my office window. Luckily, there’s a nice patch of open sky just to the left of my maple tree. To get us started, I’ve included a photo of my target area clear of clouds. Lovely, isn’t it?

I’m very curious to see what happens—and if I can stick to my plan.

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  1. Hi Melissa -
    I love this idea! I might join you on my blog....