Monday, May 16, 2011

Take a Look: The Sparrow’s Perspective

Last fall, I wrote several posts about the same experience in nature from different points of view. Initially, I wrote from the “wondrous first person” and “serious third person” points of view. Later, I included a couple of entries written from what I imagined to be the perspective of the creature I observed.

This week, I’m giving that third point of view another try, focusing on the house sparrow I observed collecting nesting material at Clinton Elementary School.

“Oh, wow. That grass down there looks perfect for my nest. It’s dry and just the right length. I better stop and collect some."

“Hey, there’s even more here than I realized. I bet I can get as much as I need to stuff that hole until it’s almost full. Then it will be perfect for my eggs.”

“I’m lucky to find such a big field of grass so close to my nest. Most of the land here is buildings and sidewalks and parking lots.”

“Okay, full load. I better head back to my nest. If that hawk stays away, I might be able to gather all the grass I need today. Then I can line with some feathers and lay my eggs.”

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