Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday Fun: A Letter from a Fan

A few weeks ago, I spend a fantastic two days at Rochester Memorial School in Rochester, MA. The students in one of the third grade classes sent me a heaping packet of thanks you notes. This one is definitely worth sharing:

Dear Ms. Stewart,

Thank you for coming in and teaching us about birds and telling us why they're so interesting. The tiny rocks in bags to show us how much they weigh is what I call ingenious. It was so inspiring to me that I thought about writing a book myself. The armspan comparig was also very cool.

My favorite bird that we talked about was the blue heron. But if I had to choose a bird we weren't talking about, it would have to be the turkey buzzard because they're always swarming above my rooftop. If you can find out why, please write me back. Thanks again. Bye!!

Your #1 fan,

Well, Jenna, That's a great question. You've been doing some great observing.

I bet you can solve the turkey buzzard mystery yourself. Try asking a librarian to help you find a book that tells you what sorts of things make turkey vultures swarm. Then you can try to figure out which of those conditions is happening near you house. Good luck! And keep on asking questions about things you notice around you.

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