Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday Fun: Five Gross and Goofy Body Facts

1. Fingernails grow about 1 inch every eight months, but some grow faster than others. The nail on your middle finger grows the fastest. The nails on your thumb and little finger grow the slowest.

2. Fingernails grow more quickly during the day and in the summer. And they grow faster on whichever hand you use most—probably because lots of muscle flexing really heats things up.

3. At 28 to 31 inches apiece, Lee Redmond, a woman from Salt Lake City, Utah, has the world’s longest fingernails. Her tremendous talons drag on the ground.

4. Monkeys use their fingernails to pick dead skin, insects, and dirt out of their friends’ fur. It’s the perfect way to stay clean and build trust.

5. Think you cut your fingernails more often than your toenails? Nope, it’s not your imagination. Fingernails really do grow faster—usually three times faster.

Looking for more Gross & Goofy Body facts? Check out my book Here We Grow: The Secrets of Hair and Nails. It’s full of weird, wacky, strange, and surprising information about your body and the bodies of other animals.

Next week is school vacation here in Massachusetts, so I’ll be taking a break. Have a great week!

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