Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday Fun: A Very Special School Visit

I've been spending a lot of time at schools this year, but last Friday was a special treat. I was at Pownal Elementary School in Pownal, Maine.

Pownal isn't just any town in Maine. It's where my brother and his family lives. And Pownal Elementary isn't just any school. It's where my two nieces and nephew spends their days. So I was really looking forward to my day there. And it was even better than I imagined.

First, my niece drove with me to the school and acted as my tour guide.
Here she is in front of the bulletn board at the front entrance of the school . There's my name in big letters.

As I traveled down the halls to the room where I'd be setting up, I noticed a theme--my books! K-4 students had read an assortment of my books and done special projects.

The kindergarteners made a bulletin board showing all the animals that hibernate Under the Snow. And each is shown at the proper relative distance from the surface. The kids were so excited to show it to me.

The first grades made fish and hung them from the ceiling. In the background, notice that the kids voted on which of their books was my favorite. A Place for Fish won.

The second graders made beautiful watercolors depicting what animals do When Rain Falls. They chose watercolors to match the style of the art in the book. They made similar paintings to accompany Under the Snow and wore them as costumes while performing a Readers Theater I wrote to accompany the book.

The third and fourth graders created designed their own special game of Who Am I? using animals from my books. I was so impressed. The also created the wonderful bulletin board at the entrance to the school. (See photo above.)

Some of the fifth and sixth graders shared Keynote reports that they had created on topics as wide reaching as snowboarding, buffalo, and owl habitats.

Thank so much to the teachers and students for such a fun day! 

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