Monday, February 28, 2011

Take a Look: Surprise!

After about six weeks of two solid snowstorms per week, the last couple of weeks lured me into the false notion that spring was well on its way. We had some 50 degree days and lots of melting.

Okay, it wasn’t all a bed of roses. We did get some water in the basement when one of the gutters got clogged with ice. But I had fun engineering a way to divert the water out to the driveway. I even got to dig in the dirt with my bare hands. The soil was so cold my fingers got numb, but . . . oh, the heavenly smell of that fresh dark earth was well worth it.

But then reality hit. We had a little bit of snow on Friday. And a little more on Saturday. And six inches of the white fluffy stuff on Sunday. Sure it’s pretty, but my maple tree and I are ready for spring. Aren’t you?

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