Monday, January 17, 2011

Take a Look: Inside a Tree

This year I am challenging myself, and you my readers, to take a look. This Monday strand invites us all to look at everyday things more closely and in new ways. It also urges us to look at things we might not have considered in the past. And that is just what I did during my recent trip to Victoria, British Columbia.

When we cane across a snag with a rather large opening at the bottom, I decided to climb inside and see what I could see. It turns out I needed a light, and my camera flash was the only one available. So as I lit up the inside of the tree, I also took some pictures of what my flash showed me. Pretty cool, isn’t it?
My fun-loving brother-in-law (who is also a science writer) saw the humor in the situation and decided to take a few pictures of me crammed inside the tree hole.

Thanks to his forethought, you can all get a better idea of just what I was attempting to take a look at. Thanks, Peter.

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