Monday, January 31, 2011

Take a Look: Backyard Visitors

Lately, what I’ve been looking at outside is a whole lot of snow. And lots of snow means lots of shoveling.

But the good news is that fresh snow can reveal many hidden secrets, like who is visiting our yard at night while we are asleep.

The other morning when I headed outdoors, I saw these little beauties. They are the first raccoon tracks I’ve ever seen in my yard. So I decided to follow them. I discovered that the poor little fellow probably founds his jaunt among our snow-cleared pathways frustrating.

He was originally trotting down the road. He turned into our driveway and then pranced up our side walk only to discover . . . BOOM! Our back door was a dead end.

So he had to turn around and go back down the sidewalk and into the driveway. Then he chose a different path. Big mistake. That one hit a dead end at our front door.

So he headed back down the path to the driveway and then decided to do something radical. He climbed up a snow bank and trodded off into the woods. I hope he eventually found whatever he was looking for.

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