Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday Fun: Five Gross and Goofy Body Facts

1. Cats don’t like to take baths, so they use their tongues—and a little bit of spit—to keep themselves clean.

2. When a mouse licks its wounds, a protein in its saliva battles harmful bacteria that have snuck into the cuts.

3. A spitting cobra uses its saliva to stay safe. When an antelope or wildebeest gets too close, the snake lifts its head and showers the larger animal’s face and eyes with painful spit. That’s enough to send any animal running!

4. Know what camels do when they get angry at one another? They spit in each other’s faces. Llamas and alpacas do too. Maybe they need to learn some manners.

5. A yellow-bellied sapsucker drills holes in trees and drinks the sugary sap. A chemical in the bird’s spit prevents trees from sealing the wounds, so the sapsucker can get all the food it needs.

Looking for more Gross and Goofy Body facts? Check out my new book It’s Spit-Acular: The Secrets of Saliva. To find out more about the whole Grosss and Goofy Body series, read this very thorough review from School Library Journal.

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