Monday, December 6, 2010

Take a Look: A Cozy Den for Winter

As my husband and I tromped through the woods last weekend, the chilly air and the whipping wind turned my thoughts to all the little creatures that struggle to survive in the winter. Many of them head underground and sleep or rest all winter long. I thought I’d look for signs of their cold-weather homes.

I spotted two very nice examples.

And they really got me wondering . . .

Who dug out the dirt between these rocks?

How long ago did the little critter choose this safe spot for its winter home?

Did original builder stay just one season or did it come back year after year?

What did the chamber below look like?

Was anything nestled inside the inside the snug little den right now?

As I contemplated these questions, we finished our loop around our favorite pond and headed home—to our own cozy, winter home.

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