Monday, December 13, 2010

Take a Look: The Chipmunk’s Perspective

There are lots of different critters that could be nestled inside the dens beyond these woodland entrances, but today I’m going to imagine that the inhabitant is a chipmunk.

Last week, I listed the questions I pondered after spotting these holes. Today I’m going to turn the tables and consider the situation from the chipmunk’s point of view.

“I spotted two of those humans poking around my front door today. Luckily, I was out in the woods, not trapped inside. As I watched their strange behavior, I started wondering about them . . . .

Why are they so curious?

Why do they like to walk in big circles around the pond?

Do they wish they could live inside my little home? I think it’s much nicer than their big houses.

What do their houses look like inside?

Do they live there their whole lives or do they move around?

When they finally continued down the trail, I darted inside my cozy winter home to deposit some nuts in my stockpile. Then I took a nap.”

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