Monday, September 13, 2010

Goodbye, Maple

Exactly one year ago tomorrow, I wrote the first blog entry about the maple tree right outside my office window. And every week since (except during vacations), I’ve written something about it. I’ve watched it change through all four seasons.

I’ve documented its leaves turning bright yellow and then falling to the ground. I’ve written about its snow-covered branches, the springtime transformation of buds to leaves, and even the plethora of tiny creatures that call my tree home. And now, after a year of observation, it’s time to say good bye.

Of course, the tree will remain the dominant feature of my front yard. And who knows, maybe I’ll even write something about it from time to time. But my year-long observation, my experiment to see just how much it really changed over time is, well, it’s over. I learned a lot about my tree, and I really paid more attention to its role in my yard and the critters that depend on it for food and shelter. It has been challenging at times, but mostly it’s been fun and informative.

So what’s next for my Monday blog strand? Next week I’ll be starting a new stand called Take a Look. It will encourage us all to look more closely at the natural world in our yards and beyond, and I’m hoping it will force me to explore the winter world of New England more than ever before.

As much as I love the woods in winter, cold days and decreasing daylight bring out the bear in me. They make me want to hibernate. But this year, I’m determined that things will be different.

Oh, the places we’ll go. And the things we’ll see. I can hardly wait to get started. The natural world is such a wonderful place.

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