Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday Fun: The Next Step

Last week, I described how to use my books A Place for Frogs, A Place for Birds, and A Place for Butterflies in Reading Buddies programs. But the fun and collaboration doesn’t have to stop when students close the book.

Here are two great activities the buddies can do together after reading the books.

Create a See-Saw Book*
Have each book-buddy team create a see-saw book that compares two of the butterflies discussed in A Place for Butterflies. If the students decide to focus on monarchs and Karner blues:
On the first left-hand page, they might write: “Monarch caterpillars eat milkweed leaves.”

On the facing right-hand page, they could write: “Karner blue caterpillars eat wild lupine.”

The next page would read: “Both kinds of caterpillars eat plants.”

Subsequent pages should continue to compare the two species—size, habitat, range, etc. The students can use webs to help them organize their thoughts.

If You Were a Bird*
After the buddies read A Place for Birds, ask them to pretend they are a bird.

Have younger buddies write a paragraph describing what it feels like to learn how to fly.

Have older buddies describe how it feels to soar through the sky and include details of what they see as they fly over their town or city.
When the buddies are done, they can share what they’ve written.

*The activities described here can be used for any of the three books in this series.

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