Monday, August 9, 2010

Good Morning, Maple

Each week when I take a look at my tree and decide what to write about, I try to choose a topic that can be supported by photos. Sometimes that’s easy, and sometimes it’s not.

For at least a month now, there have been a variety of interesting spider webs strung from branch to branch or even leaf to leaf, but because the threads are so thin and the spider is often hiding, I haven’t been able to capture a photo with a visible web. Not even with my camera’s “bug setting”.

This week after a few failed attempts, I noticed a cool contrast when I snapped shots of nooks between branches with the macro lens and the regular lens. So here are a few pairs for you to enjoy. In each case, the first image is taken with the normal lens and the one below it is taken with the macro setting. The result is a change in focus.

Lo and behold, when I took a close look at my final pairing, I was stunned. Without even realizing it, I had photographed a spider web in just the right way. Can you see it? Sometimes posting it on the blog removes some of the detail.

I wish I knew exactly how I did it. I’d like to say I worked hard to capture the image and finally succeeded, but that would be a lie. The truth is that it was serendipity.

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