Monday, July 19, 2010

Good Morning, Maple!

This morning I have a special guest blogger here with me—my nephew who is visiting from Maine. He took the photos that we’ll be looking at.

The first is the typical view of my maple tree from the window—but this time we photographed it through the screen because my nephew thought it was a cool effect. I agree.

We decided to take a closer look at the tree to see if we could find any interesting creepy crawlies. It took a while, but we eventually spotted an ant that was low enough to photograph. Look at this great image my nephew took of the ant. He used the macro lens setting, which he likes to call the “bug setting."

While he was diligently snapping photo after photo of the ant on the tree, he felt a tickling on his leg. He looked down and then snapped a great image of another ant crawling up his leg.

Finally, he noticed a tiny little fruit fly flitting around on the tree. Patience paid off because he eventually caught this really nice photo of the fruit fly. Look at those bright red eyes!

I really liked having a partner to explore the tree with today. I can’t wait until his sisters come to visit us in a few weeks. Maybe they’ll help me out too.

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