Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday Fun: More Talented Third Graders

Webster Hill School rocks! The third graders, their teachers, and the amazing school librarian Mrs. Gargula welcomed me with an assortment of beautiful handmade, poster-size postcards with drawings by and notes from the kids. I especially like the special attention the students gave to the “stamps”.

This first one was created by Katherine, Kadajah, and Micaela. In honor of A Place for Butterflies, it shows the colorful insects flitting through a field of flowers. Butterflies are very special at Webster Hill. Students raise monarchs every year and release them in the fall, just in time to migrate to Mexico for the winter.
Timmy, Ethan, David, and Maxime created this poster and note after reading A Place for Frogs. I love the frog sticking out its giant red tongue to catch a tiny insect.

Sage, Jonah, Wayne, and Dylan focused on A Place for Birds. Looking at that flock of gray birds cruising through the middle of the words. They suggested that I write a book about tigers. Maybe I will.

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