Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Fun: The Frog Song

Last week, I spoke about using science-themed picture books to create Readers Theater scripts at the Massachusetts Reading Association’s annual conference. At the Just Desserts event that evening, a half dozen children’s book authors each had 5-7 minutes to introduce their newest books.

The performances were wonderfully diverse, from Ian Wallace’s amazing storytelling and the dinosaur skulls Lita Judge showed us to Judith Jango-Cohen's fascinating descriptions of crocodiles and octopuses and Robin Brickman’s demonstration of how she creates cut-paper art.

I read a few pages from A Place for Frogs and then led the group in a frog lifecycle song that I wrote with the help of some totally fabulous second graders.

The attendees asked if the song is on my website. It isn’t yet, but it will be soon. Until then, here it is for everyone to enjoy:

The Frog Song
(To The Tune of “Row, Row, Row Your Boat”)

Eggs, eggs, tiny eggs
That’s how frogs begin.
In a clump, a slimy clump
Floating with their kin.

Swim, swim, swim-y, swim
That’s what tadpoles do.
Eating algae as they grow,

They really like that goo.

Legs, legs, brand new legs
Froglets hop to shore.
Catching flies all day long,
There’s always plenty more.

Chug, chug, chug-a-rum,
Now they are full grown.
They find a mate and lay more eggs
To start a family of their own.

Like you, I’ll be on vacation next week. But I’ll be back on April 26. See you then.

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