Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday Fun: Five Gross and Goofy Body Facts

  1. Want to know how an elephant feels? Just look at its ears. When an elephant feels calm or safe, it holds its ears flat against its body. But when an elephant is angry or frightened, it holds its ears out straight.
  2. A fennec fox lives in the desert, but staying cool is no problem. On hot afternoons it releases body heat through the thin skin on its enormous ears.
  3. In the chilly Arctic large ears could freeze and fall off. That’s why a polar bear has small ears covered with thick fur. When the bear goes swimming, lays its ears flat against its head so water can’t trickle in.
  • A whale’s earwax builds up in layers year after year. When scientists find a dead whale, they can tell how long it lived by counting the layers of wax inside its ears.
  • How can you tell the difference between sea lions and true seals? By looking at their ears. Sea lions have small flaps of skin covering their ear canals, but you can see straight into a true seal’s ears.
  • Looking for more Gross & Goofy Body facts? Check out my new book Now Hear This: The Secrets of Ears and Hearing.

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