Monday, September 14, 2009

Good Morning, Maple

This is my office. See the window over on the right?

This is the maple tree that grows right outside that widow. I’ve watched it go through all its seasonal changes for the five years we’ve lived in this house.

This year, I’m going to record and write about those changes. Every Monday I’m going to take a picture of the tree and write something about it here on this blog.

I hope my year-long observation project will inspire kids to do something similar. To make that easier, I’ll sometimes include fun activities that you can do with the kids—and the trees— in your life.

Thoreau spent a year at Walden Pond recording its changes, so why not do the same with the tree right outside my window? It should be fun.


  1. What a perfect time to start this--the trees are already changing color in my yard. The kids and I will check out out your pictures and compare to what we're seeing outside our window!

  2. Hi Melissa,

    Love your office. Observing your tree sounds fun.

    I visited your website - thought it was the best writer's site I've ever seen! :o)

    Happy writing,

  3. I've been doing this in Tokyo. With taro and a chestnut tree! And the farmer behind our house. I love to see all the seasonal changes.

  4. That's great Annie and Nandini. Feel free to send in updates to me on Mondays as the year goes on.

    Glad you like my website, Beth. I try to make it fun.