Monday, November 9, 2020

Resources for Educators: What’s an Informational Book?

More and more, teachers are requesting educational resources that go beyond traditional teachers guides and activity sheets. So while I do still have those kinds of materials on my website, I’m also offering resources that delve deeply into the nonfiction reading and writing process from an author’s point of view. 

Some of these resources focus on books I’ve written and describe various stages of my creative process in detail, while others provide more general information  and highlight books written by a wide variety of nonfiction authors.  

On Mondays this year, I’m going to be sharing some of these resources and providing ideas for how they might be used in the classroom. Today, I’m going to focus on the What’s an Informational Book? section, which you can access by clicking on the Nonfiction Reading Resources icon.

This section includes an article about the various definitions of the term “informational book/text,” a description of the term “informational fiction,” and information about the term “pseudo-narrative,” which refers to informational fiction narrated by a made-up character, such as an animal or an inanimate object.

I hope you’ll take a look at these resources.

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