Monday, November 16, 2020

Resources for Educators: What’s Blended Nonfiction?

More and more, teachers are requesting educational resources that go beyond traditional teachers guides and activity sheets. So while I do still have those kinds of materials on my website, I’m also offering resources that delve deeply into the nonfiction reading and writing process from an author’s point of view. 

Some of these resources focus on books I’ve written and describe various stages of my creative process in detail, while others provide more general information  and highlight books written by a wide variety of nonfiction authors.  

On Mondays this year, I’m going to be sharing some of these resources and providing ideas for how they might be used in the classroom. Today, I’m going to focus on the What’s Blended Nonfiction? article, which you can access by clicking on the Nonfiction Reading Resources icon.

This article discusses books that are a mix of two or more categories that make up the 5 Kinds of Nonfiction—active, browsable, traditional, expository literature, and narrative. 

Books that are a mix of expository literature and narrative nonfiction are especially intriguing because These books have something for everyone, AND they can help all children build critical reading skills.   

The expository sections of high-quality, high-interest blended books will captivate fact-loving kids, motivating them to tackle the narrative sections. Similarly, young narrative lovers will be drawn to the story-rich sections of blended books, inspiring them to do the work necessary to digest and comprehend the expository passages. These are the kinds of books that can help all students develop into passionate, lifelong readers.

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