Friday, October 30, 2020

We Still Need Diverse Nonfiction

Last fall, I wrote a post entitled “We Need Diverse Nonfiction” to highlight the unfortunate lack of nonfiction, especially the four categories of nonfiction with an expository writing style (active, browseable, traditional, expository literature), by BIPOC. Since then, I’ve continued to keep track of BIPOC authors everyone should be aware of.

Here are some authors you may already know:

Lesa Cline-Ransome  -
Carole Boston Weatherford
Baptiste Paul
Traci Sorell
Anika Denise
Margarita Engle
Kadir Nelson  -

Joseph Bruchac  -
Andrea Davis Pinkey
 - Andrea+Davis+Pinkney/401051
Javaka Steptoe
Don Tate -
Jason Chin -
Tonya Bolden -
Vashti Harrison -
Duncan Tonatiuh

And here are some who may be new to you:

Christine Taylor Butler
Leah Henderson
Nicholas St. Fleur
Teresa Robeson

Nancy Churnin
Alice Faye Duncan
Patricia Valdez:
Anita Sanchez:
Dawn Quigley -
Marina Budhos -
Shana Keller -
Marta Magellan -
Vaunda Micheaux Nelson -
Gwendolyn Hooks -
Rita Singh -
Ray A. Shepherd -
S.D. Nelson -
Tina Wheatcraft Cho -
Andrea Wang -
Silvia Lopez -
Paula Yoo

If you have additional suggestions, please let me know in the comments.


  1. I'm honored, as always, Melissa. Thank you so much for the shoutout!

  2. Here are other authors I use for NF.
    Sharon Robinson
    Nikki Grimes
    Kathleen Burkinshaw

    1. I usually think if Nikki Grimes as a fiction/informational fiction author. I'll take a closer look at her list.
      Thanks for the other two names. I'm not familiar with these authors and will look them up.

  3. Agreed!! She also writes fiction, but Christina Soontornvat is the author of the new middle grade nf book, All Thirteen, about the Thai boys soccer team that got trapped in a cave. I'm about to read it with some trepidation since I have a touch of claustrophobia ...

    1. Thanks, Maria. I put that book on hold at the library and am waiting for it.

  4. And Mélina Mangal, author of The Vast Wonder of the World (from Lerner), illustrated by Luisa Uribe.

  5. My local librarian is in for another round of holds from me! Thanks for this amazing resource, and here's to adding lots more BIPOC authors to the list in the future.