Wednesday, February 5, 2020


Back in early November, I re-ran this popular post from the past on my blog. And once again, teachers loved it. Revision never fails to gets kids moaning and groaning, so educators are always looking for ways to convince them that it’s a natural part of the writing process.

In the post, I use this image as I compare revising a manuscript to renovating a home. And that inspired Miss Ruffio (@missruffio), a dedicated teacher in Highland Park, NJ, to start looking for other examples of revision in real life.

Here’s the image she tweeted back to me:

It compares two figures from an older version of a Harry Potter Lego set to the revised versions of those same two figures in a newer Harry Potter Lego set.

Yep. That’s a prime example of Revision in Real Life.

Miss Ruffio shared the photos with her students, and challenged them to look for more examples of revision in real life. A few days later, one of her fifth graders brought in this photo:

It compares an original B&W image of Mickey Mouse to the current version of our favorite cartoon mouse. Great job!

What about you? Can you find more examples of Revision in Real Life? Can your students? I’d love to see any examples you find. Please tweet them to me with the hashtag #RevisioninRealLife. Let’s see what we can come up with.


  1. What a great exercise! I think it's so helpful to have concrete examples to show what possibilities exist for re-imagining & revision.

  2. This is so great! Over winter break I watched the Netflix shows THE TOYS THAT MADE US and THE MOVIES THAT MADE US. Both show example after example of revision in pop culture favorites. I also think the whole HGTV network is essentially about revision.

  3. This is a very engaging real world assignment. Look what you have inspired.

  4. Cars!

    Every year each model gets an update...or discontinued.