Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Time for Text Features Video Mini-lesson

Today is the official publication date of Pinocchio Rex and Other Tyrannosaurs, which I co-wrote with tyrannosaur expert Steve Brusatte.

Working with Steve has been a joy. He’s so knowledgeable and so enthusiastic.

Together, we’ve created a book that offers an up-close look at Pinocchio rex, a fascinating newly-discovered dinosaur (with a long snout) AND reveals the little known history and development of the entire tyrannosaur family.

Would you believe that 100 million years before T. rex ruled the land, its ancestors were the size of, well, us? Did you know that dozens of different kinds of tyrannosaurs have roamed the earth, living just about anywhere you can think of? Trust me. This book is full of fascinating information kids will love.

Here's a sneak peek at an interior spread. Isn't Julius Csotonyi's art fabulous?

The book has all kinds of 
fun text features, so to celebrate, I created this video mini-lesson. It encourages kids to study text features in the nonfiction books they read and then create some of their own.



  1. Happy book birthday, Melissa!! Looking forward to reading it. I requested it for our library's suggest a title program :). Love the graphic with the schoolbus too!