Wednesday, October 18, 2017

5 Reasons to Promote Expository Nonfiction to Your Students

Over the last five weeks, I’ve shared a plethora of evidence that nonfiction in general and expository nonfiction in particular deserves more attention and more love from educators. If you missed those posts, I invite you to scroll down and read them.

Why should we encourage students to read high-quality expository nonfiction books? Because compelling research shows that:

1.    Some students prefer expository nonfiction. They're more excited by ideas and information than by stories.

2.    For some students, expository nonfiction is the gateway to literacy.

3.    When students are curious about a topic, they're motivated readers. They'll often stretch above their reading level.

4.    Students with experience reading and writing expository nonfiction perform better on standardized tests.

5.    Students with experience reading and writing expository nonfiction have greater college and career success.

Next week, I'll share 5 WAYS to promote expository nonfiction to your students and your colleagues.

1 comment:

  1. All fabulous points, Melissa! I especially like #1--that information can be as exciting, or perhaps more so than a story. I can see how this can sometimes be the fit for a reluctant reader too, who might be excited by a topic, but perhaps not a strong enough reader to stick with a whole story. But the more they practice, the more they improve. And if this choice is taken away, they may not grow as a reader/student.

    Looking forward to the next segment!