Saturday, July 8, 2017

SCBWI Handout: Writing STEM Picture Books

3 Tips to Get Started

Starting with a Question

Making a Personal Connection

Hooking Your Readers

6 Key Elements of Nonfiction Writing
Writing Style
Text Structure



Point of View
If you’re writing a Life Story . . .
  • Narrative writing style
  • Probably sequence (chronological) structure
  • Probably running text
  • Voice reflect personality of subject
  • Third-person narration (first-person controversial)

If you’re writing a Concept Book . . .
  • Probably expository writing style
  • Sequence, compare & contrast, Q & A, cause & effect, problem—solution, or invent your own
  • Think carefully about text format
  • Voice reflects topic and approach
  • Third-, second-, or first-person narration