Saturday, April 22, 2017

NESCBWI Handout: What the Heck is an Informational Book?

The line between fiction and nonfiction is blurrier than ever before. With terms like "informational book," "creative nonfiction," and "informational fiction," how are writers supposed to know what works and what doesn't when presenting true or mostly true information to children? This practical presentation explains the terminology and discusses how children's book creators are playing with format, point of view, voice, structure, and other elements to present information in exciting new ways.

These posts explain the origin and meaning of the terms we use to describe and discuss nonfiction books as well as books that contain a blend of fiction and nonfiction:


For even more background information about informational text/books, creative nonfiction, and informational fiction, check out these excellent resources:

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  1. Melissa, I wish everyone who writes or want to write NF for kids would get to know this important information. TY.