Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Behind the Books: A Place for Bats in the Classroom

I’m so excited that a new, updated edition of A Place for Bats became available on April 1. As with the original version, there are all kinds of ways you can use it in the classroom.

For starters, there’s a Teacher’s Guide that makes connections to a wide variety of Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core standards as well as additional activities.

You can also share one or two spreads of A Place for Bats to support NGSS PE K-ESS3-3 for K students or read the whole book as part of a lesson that addresses NGSS PE 5-ESS3-1 for grade 5 students.

This book is also great for Reading Buddies programs. For more information, read this article and look at the materials on my Reading Buddies pinterest board.

A Place for Bats is chockfull of text features. These resources can help you use the book to create lessons that focus on nonfiction text features.

The main text of A Place for Bats has both a cause & effect text structure and a problem-solution text structure, while many of the sidebars compare past human activities that hurt bats to current more bat-friendly activities. That makes it a great mentor text for students learning about nonfiction text structures. These resources can help you use the book to build lessons that look at nonfiction text structures.

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