Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Behind the Books: Milford, CT PD Handout

Building Research Skills in K-3
Author-educator Melissa Stewart introduces scaffolded visual, information, and digital literacy activities to help K-3 students develop the observational, inquiry, and critical thinking skills required to evaluate print and digital resources for nonfiction reports. Supports Common Core RIT Standards 6 and 7 and Writing Standards 7 and 8.
The content presented in this two-hour session is summarized in two sets of blog posts. In the first part of the session, I discuss ground-breaking work being done at Teacher’s College at Columbia University, showing the most effective way to introduce nonfiction writing and research to early-elementary students. These posts provide an overview of TC thinking and include related activities that I’ve developed to reinforce the concepts.


Easy-Access Research

Research from Observations
Conducting Guided Research

Conducting Cold Research

In the second part of the presentation, I provide ideas for complimentary activities to help students learn skills need for research, without actually doing research. These include visual literacy, information literacy, and digital literacy.  


Additional suggestions for wordless picture book read alouds

Visual Teaching Strategies Method

Extracting Content-Area Information

Tricks for Evaluating Websites

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  1. What a resource! As I ate lunch I went through each of these posts. Thank you!