Friday, January 8, 2016

My Favorite Book of 2015

The Great Monkey Rescue by Sandra Markle is my favorite book of 2015. Truth be told, I’m a big fan of many of Sandra’s books, but I think this one really stands out. (Are you listening Sibert committee? I sure hope so.)

Okay, I admit it. The book hooked me at first sight (on Alyson Beecher’s fantastic Kid Lit Frenzy blog back in August). Just look at that adorable golden lion tamarin on the cover. Who could possibly resist that face? Not me.

But in this case, beauty is definitely more than skin deep. Sandwiched between a gripping narrative beginning and a satisfying narrative ending, clear and engaging expository text with a problem-solution structure describes how scientists and Brazilian citizens worked together to save the endangered monkey from extinction.

What was the secret to their success? They expanded the tamarins’ home territory by strategically planting trees in pastureland to create habitat-linking “bridges” of living vegetation. Wow, what a great idea!

Vibrant photos, a dynamic design, and intriguing backmatter further enhance the book, making it a must-have for classroom and library collections. It would also make a great gift young animal lovers and budding naturalists.


  1. This is most definitely one of my favorite nonfiction books of 2015.

  2. Anyone know why it's only available as a library bound edition online?

  3. Millbrook Press only sells library bound editions.