Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Behind the Books: School Visit Wrap-Up

Now that the school-visit season is mostly behind me, it’s time to look back and reflect. I’ve had more school visits than ever before in 2013-2014, which is great. I love getting out and talking to the young readers of my books.

This year my most popular program was probably Bringing Science to Life, which involves students performing a short Readers Theater based on one of my books at the beginning of the presentation. One reason I like this program is because each school brings its own creativity to the performance. Here are a few examples.

At Cambridgeport School, the students made elaborate hats and stood in a line around the library.
At King Open School, the children did a stripped down version, sitting in chairs. As each student said his or her line, a teacher held up a drawing of the animal character.

At Tobin School, the students got up on stage and really acted out their roles.

At Colt-Andrews School, most children made masks, but some had more elaborate costumes.

At Oliver Ellsworth School, the totally fabulous art teacher, Heather Sloan, painted an amazing mural as a backdrop for the student performers. The children were mesmerized by the art and so was I!

Here is my favorite costume of the year. Can you guess what animal this girl is portraying?

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