Sunday, May 4, 2014

New England SCBWI Handout

Today, Sarah Albee and I are presenting a talk entitled Fabulous and Fact-filled: Writing Nonfiction that Flies Off the Shelves at the New England SCBWI Conference in Springfield, MA. We’re sharing our handout on our blogs (rather than on paper), so that interested people can simply click on the links.

Classifying Nonfiction and the Nonfiction Family Tree:

Voice in Nonfiction Writing:

Design and Art in Nonfiction Books:

Articles about “gateway" nonfiction:


  1. I love seeing how your nonfiction family tree evolves. I remember when you presented it at SCBWI 2012 in LA. I hope to bump into you at the 21st Century Nonfiction Conference. I see you are presenting there too!

  2. Just discussed it again at NESCBWI. I'm looking forward to the 21st Century Nonfiction Conference in New Paltz. See you there!