Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Behind the Books: A Place for Butterflies

When A Place for Butterflies—my very first picture book—came out in 2006, I was over the moon. But I never could have imagined how well it would be received by award committees or how popular it would become with young readers.  And over time, it spawned a series that includes six books.

But as times have changed, so has the plight of some of the butterflies in the book. For some, the situation has improved. For others, unfortunately, it has declined.

By the middle of 2013, my publisher and I were concerned that the book was beginning to seem outdated. At first, I thought the book would go out of print, but then my publisher offered a fantastic solution—a second edition. The art and design would stay the same, but I would have a chance to revise the text. That way young readers could get the most up-to-date information.

I’m very happy to announce that the new edition of A Place for Butterflies is now available. I’ve also updated the educational materials that go with the book to address changes in education, so the new Teachers Guide is aligned to both The Common Core standards and the Next Generation Science Standards. Teachers can also download a song and lots of related activities to do with their students. So in the end, everyone wins.

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