Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Behind the Books: The Biggest Thrill

I write books and put them out in the world. People buy them—adult people, not the kids I’m trying to reach. So I often wonder are kids actually reading them?  Are they enjoying them?
Sometimes it’s hard to tell. But not today. Today I have proof.
Pictures like this give me the biggest thrill. They are how I know I’m reaching my readers. The child who drew this liked No Monkeys, No Chocolate so much that he/she was inspired to create something of his/her own. Hooray!
Thanks to Carrie Gelson, a teacher in Vancouver, B.C., for sharing this image on Twitter.


  1. Melissa - Thank you again for sharing this! My students were so excited to share their classmate's happiness. This meant a lot to our little classroom community!

  2. Melissa This is wonderful. I love seeing the responses of children. Thank you for sharing.