Friday, May 31, 2013

Why I Love School Visits

This year I’ve had some of my most fun school visits ever. Last week, I ended my school visit season with a bang by visiting grades K-3 at Swift River School in New Salem, MA and grades 3-5 at Birch Hill School in Nashua, NH.

The teachers and librarians at both schools had done a great job preparing the students, and that makes a huge difference.

Following my visit, the kindergarteners  at Swift River School created this awesome card for me.
Here's the front.
And here's the inside. I love the froggie, which matches the theme of my presentation.

The last program of the year was with two grade 5 classes at Birch Hill School, and I swear, it was like talking to a group of engaged, thoughtful colleagues. We had a great discussion that ranged from plagiarism, to the pros and cons of doing research on the Internet, to the joys and frustrations of revision. Those kids were amazing!

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