Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday Fun: Why I Love School Visits

Last week I had a terrific visit with the students and teachers at Griswold Elementary School in Connecticut. The minute I walked into the school, I knew it was going to be a great day. Everywhere I looked I could see signs that the kids were well prepared and enthusiastic about my visit.

The hard-working second graders did a great job getting ready for the When Rain Falls Readers Theater that began each program, and we had a blast together during special sessions just for them. The kindergarteners and first graders were familiar with a wide range of my books and had so many wonderful questions.

The highlight of the day was receiving a lovely homemade card from my new friend Morgan. Here’s the front. I especially like that she included page numbers in the book.

And here’s the inside:
Clearly, Morgan put some serious time and effort into this card. She had to find a photo of herself and glue it in. Thank you, Morgan. I'm going to hang it on my inspiration wall.
And thanks so much to Mrs. Hershey and Mrs. Salina for making it a great day for everyone.



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