Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday Fun: A New Friend

Last week, I enjoyed four glorious days in the Poconos Region of Pennsylvania as a mentor for the Highlights Foundation's annual Science Writing Boot Camp.

I worked with three talented students and enjoyed hanging out with an all-star faculty that included Highlights Science Editor Andy Boyles, photographer and former Ranger Rick Editor Gerry Bishop, highly-respected Canadian science writer Jude Isabella, and Move Books editor Eileen Robinson. But my favorite new friend was so adorable that I just had to share a photo.


  1. cewt newt!
    I'm sure you were a great inspiration to the writers. For any aspiring nature/science writers, that's a great workshop.

  2. It was great. Barbara Schramm of Ithaca was there. She said she knew you.

  3. So cute! I've never found a newt but my son and his classmates found several when they were at nature camp (Sargent Center) in NH the first week of May. I loved seeing his photos, too.

  4. We hit it just right. We saw 5 of these cute little guys over the course of a half mile walk.