Monday, April 22, 2013

Having Fun with Common Core: Yep, More Tricky Six

Because CCSS for ELA Reading Information Text #6 has significantly different goals at each grade level, I’ve taken a few weeks to suggest appropriate books. Today I have some ideas for grade 5.

The goal for grade 5 states. “Analyze multiple accounts of the same event or topic, noting important similarities and differences in the point of view they represent.” As you teach this lesson, you will undoubtedly look at a variety of different sources, but here are two fun books to get your class started:

Mosquito Bite by Alexandra Siy& Dennis Kunkle

Those Rebels, John & Tom by Barbara Kerley (illus. Edwin Fotheringham)

Each of these books looks at an event or situation from two points of view—one presented on the right-hand pages and one on the left-hand pages.

In Mosquito Bite, right-hand pages tell the story of children playing hide-and-seek at dusk. The left-hand page presents the mosquito’s point of view. In the process we learn why mosquitoes need to drink blood. It’s a great way for kids to consider another creature’s view of the world.

Those Rebels, John & Tom is a dual biography of two of our nation’s founders. Through it, we learn that the two men had very different personalities and different strengths, and that is what allowed them to work together so effectively.

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