Friday, December 14, 2012

Friday Fun: A Must Read for Animal Lovers

Do you know someone who has a special kind of connection with animals? My niece, Caroline, is one of those people.

Animals just adore her. They trust her completely. Does Caroline have a future in veterinary medicine? Maybe. But that’s a tall order to put on a third grader, so let’s just say that interacting with animals is one of her special talents.

If you have someone like Caroline in your life, then here’s the perfect holiday gift: Animals Welcome: A Life of Reading, Writing, and Rescue by children’s book author Peg Kehret. This wonderful memoir describes the many animals Mrs. Kehret has cared for—pets, strays, foster cats, and even wild creatures—with brief mentions of how some of them played a role in her novels.

Like Caroline, Peg Kehret, clearly has a way with animals, so I can’t wait to share this lovingly written true story with my niece.

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