Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday Fun: Five Gross and Goofy Body Facts

1. When it comes to barfing, frogs are real pros. A frog throws up its whole stomach, scoops out the chewed-up chunks of food, and then swallows its stomach back down.

2. An owl vomits after every meal. All the undigestible parts of its prey—fur, bones, teeth—get packed into a pellet and hurled out of its body.

3. A whale vomits the materials it can’t digest about once a week.

4. When an enemy attacks, a sea cucumber throws up its stomach. That’s enough to scare off most predators.

5. Rats will eat almost anything, so you would expect them to lose their lunch once in a while. But believe it or not, rats can’t vomit.

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