Monday, May 21, 2012

Cool Clouds: Sunny Afternoon

Most of the cloud images I've posted this year have been taken early in the morning, beore the sun moves around to the front of the house. But I snapped this photo in the later afternoon. It's interesting to see  most of my maple tree in the shadows, with just one branch lit by the sun. The trees in the background are dark too.

The sky is a lazy blue, not quite as bright and rich as I've sometimes seen it. And there's just a smattering of low clouds onthe horizon. But look at that contrail right in the middle of the image. Pleas are a common sight out my office window, but I've never noticed how often they leave behind their steamy trail until I began this cloud-viewing project.

I like to think I'm a better-than-average observer, but these Monday posts of clouds and trees and other wonders of the world have taught me a lot. There's so much magic right outside our windows if we only stop to look.

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