Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sunny Santa Barbara

Earlier this month, I was on the faculty of an SCBWI writer’s retreat held at a mission-turned-retreat center in Santa Barbara, BA.

I enjoyed getting to know fellow faculty member Kathi Appelt, organizer Alexis O’Neil, and many of the writers who attended the retreat, which featured an all-day critique session, three 30 minute presentations, and two First Pages panels.

Wow! I’m exhausted just writing about it. 

Even though we’ve had a mild winter in New England, I felt incredible lucky to spend a few wonderful days in the presence of the California sun.

Here’s a photo of the retreat center at the back of the mission’s property.

Here’s the view from my room.

And after all the attendees left, this is the area I looked out across as I snuck in a few hours of writing on the terrace outside the dining center. What an inspiration!

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